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There are certain excitements that come with moving into a new home, but reports show that it can be very stressing.
To reduce this stress and anxiety, and ensure that nothing is left out, there is the need for a strategic plan.
Here, we will look at ten things people don’t always remember when moving to their new homes.

1) You Should Remember Your Most Valued Possessions are your Children
It sounds silly right.
Who is ever going to forget their kids?
They are probably the reason why you want to move in the very first place.
Maybe you want somewhere more spacious as they grow or proximity to a particular school.
The point here is that they can be nowhere around in the shuffle as you plan your move.
So maybe, as you plan your move, you should put their concern first.
Their daily activity should be maintained even during your planned period of movement.
This minimizes their anxiety ensuring nothing will change except their home address.

2) You Should Also Remember the Pets

Pets can be forgotten especially as the children are taking your attention.
Pets too can be stressed and might need some kind of anxiety medicines.
You may need to talk to your veterinarian, board them in a kennel or have a family or friend watch them.

3) Remember to Downsize
Sell the things you haven’t really used before moving out.
Moving eats a lot of money and time, so it might be better to get rid of the things you don’t need.
Selling that stuff can make you the extra money you can use for moving or even buy something new for your new home.


4) Remember To Have the Appropriate Packing Supplies


You will need a lot of boxes, about 20 to 35 of them for a one bedroom house, and maybe 10 to 15 more for every extra bedroom.
The boxes should be collected before the day of transition.
Cardboard boxes can be used and reused as it is environmentally friendly.
Disposing of them, however, can be burdensome.
Plastic boxes can also be used.
They are also environmentally friendly and more long-lasting than the cardboard boxes, thus better at safeguarding your valuables.
For your fragile items, you will need to use bubble wrap and cushion paper to cushion them in the box.
If using cardboard boxes, you also need to make use of a packing tape.


5) Remember To Tag the Containers

Naming the boxes is one of the important things people don't remember to do and end up regretting. Firstly, the packing should be done early, possibly weeks before your transition, giving you time to adequately label them. Start with the storage and off-season items and then proceed to things you occasionally use. Lastly, before you start the move; you can then pack those things that you frequently use. One technique to make your packing easy is the use of colour-coded labels. Hence, each room can be used with a different colour with enough space to write in more precise specifics of the items in each container.

6) Remember to Pack an 'Essentials' Box

This box needs to be labelled and shouldn't be difficult to find when you want to settle into your new home. It should contain all the essential items you will need straight away and hence is a survival container. It should contain a spare cloth for every member of the family as well as essential devices like power cables and toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, tissue paper, etc. Eating utensils should also be added, also a few snacks and food items. Your pet might also need some things.

7) Remember To Find a Mover

Once you have figured out when you want to move, you should hire a moving company. Don't wait for too long to hire one as the day you have in mind or your preferred mover might not be available. You also need to consider a day that is fitting and reasonably priced. Weekdays are cheaper; weekends are more expensive because of its high demand. Study the moving contract before you sign to avoid any hidden fees. The cheapest quote doesn't always mean the cheapest cost upon completion.





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